Our Mission.



The most important thing about Beyond Limits is not all the great work we have done but the mission that drives us. Our mission is to reach the World with the Gospel of Christ. Our Faith is what defines who we are as a company and we strive to show Christ in how we operate and the work that we do.


The family is important to our business model. Some of our family is apart of the business. Noah, Paul's oldest son, got his Adobe certifications and is learning how to take and edit photos. We consider each and every one of our clients as a member of our family. Your business is important to us and we know that your business is important to your family as well. We take care of family at Beyond Limits!


Paul Armstrong, Founder/CEO

Beyond Limits Production began with the mission to aid missionaries in their goal to become fully funded. Often these missionaries serve in remote areas untouched by modern electronics and often only return home every four years. By creating these free funding films for our missionaries, we’ve been able to not only help keep them funded, but also remove many of the stresses that accompany fundraising, namely, telling their story to churches across the world in an effective, passionate way, and relatable manner.

In January 2022 we stepped into the marketing realm which God has blessed tremendously. What began with one single company, has grown into over twenty clients that we now serve around the world! One of the most meaningful aspects of our team is our “No Contracts Needed” policy. Paul, our founder decided that we wouldn’t need the use of extended contracts if we continually produced work that we were proud of. Even with our no-contracts policy, we have never lost a single client, and that’s something that we are super proud of!

Much of Paul’s direction for Beyond Limits came from his time as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, and a SWAT Member of the Greenville Police Department. He has a wonderful wife, who is also a pediatric nurse, and 3 incredible kids.

Beyond Limits began producing Shows such as Wetland Loggers in early 2023 and is thrilled with the audience and traction it has gained from a worldwide audience. We also design and manage websites ranging from basic to e-commerce, to church, and everything in between. Managing the Social Media platforms of companies has catapulted Beyond Limits to the next level, as we offer engaging content specific to the companies we serve, as our photographers capture the most beautiful and purposeful images within your business. It’s as if you hire a full-time social media specialist without a contract, and at a fraction of the price.

Our graphic designers create logos that we apply to the websites we design, social platforms we manage, and garments we create. That’s right, we also create branding content ranging from polos to screen print and any other branded merchandise your company may need.

We are thrilled and humbled to be involved in many successfully thriving companies and look forward to serving your company as well.   

Paul Armstrong

Founder / CEO

Timothy Battle

Web Developer

Makayla Nay

Content Creation
& Photography

Jeremy Smith

Graphic Designer
& Web Developer

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